Upholstery Cleaning Services

You are investing a good amount of money when you buy the perfect furniture for your home. Your biggest investment is your home, then furnishing it is your second biggest investment. Your expensive furniture needs to be taken care of, but your daily living will not allow you to do so. Foggy Bottom Carpet Care Services is all you need.

As there are too many harsh chemicals around you, making use of them to clean your upholstery can be severe for you. Therefore, for the entire family and also including your pets, our methods are completely safe. Our upholstery cleaning service in Washington DC is environment-friendly too.

Stain removal is the foremost thing we do to start the process of cleaning your upholstery. It is the most important factor; it makes us know the composition of the fibers in the furniture and what it is made of. Simultaneously, we know the exact type of fibers we are dealing with, so we can adjust our organic solution to make sure that the stains are being removed and at the same time considering the fabric itself.

Our cleaning method will make you notice remarkable results in your upholstery, and also extend the life of your upholstered furniture. Fabrics are broken down by harsh chemicals and these harsh chemicals can easily worn-out the furniture of upholstery. We guarantee that our cleaning service can almost remove stress and undue wear on the fabric that you upholstered is made of.

A tremendous of benefits are hanging, if your furniture’s are professionally cleaned with Foggy Bottom Carpet Care Service. However, our upholstery cleaning process is much better for you and your family.

Harsh chemicals are inadequate for us, they are awful to ingest or seen around us. Most respiratory ailments have been linked to the use of household cleaning chemicals. In our homes, we don’t want to put more chemicals into the air because it is absolutely unnecessary. That is one incredible reason why you should patronize Foggy Bottom Carpet Care Service; we can offer you amazing looking furniture and hence, extend the lifespan of your furniture. We will also introduce a reduced amount of harsh chemicals in your home and also create a healthier and safer environment in which you can raise your family.