Pet Stains & Odor Removal

We at Foggy Bottom Carpet Care Service believe that, the free movement of pet around the building brings about this kind of stain in offices or houses. One of the major pet stains of carpet is urine, the pet urinates almost regularly and in most cases, it happens indoors. This type of incident is repulsive, thus far it’s not avoidable. It is not just unwanted stain is being left on the carpet as a result of the urine, unpleasant odor is also emitted. We have considered it that these kinds of stains are really hard to get rid of and may leave lasting on the carpet, if immediate steps are not taken.

The key ingredient which is the acid may discolor the carpet permanently and may even alter the fiber of the carpet. Due to urine, those carpets that are made of jute fiber may even decay. Though, if you do an instant cleaning of your carpet, it may leave slight marks and odor. So, Foggy Bottom Odor Removal Care Service is important. We ensure we leave your home healthy and we use green and organic process.

Most of the stain complaints are related to the urine of the pet, the urine stain mostly depends on a different basis. The urine of the pets is amber in color in most cases; this is as a result of the liquid excreta excreted from the kidney it also consists of protein metabolism. The nutritional habit of the pet has a major effect on the staining potential of the pet urine other important criteria are sex and age of the pets. It is vital to know, if the pets undergoing any kind of treatment or medication. The urine excreted by the pet dog is high in protein content compared to the street dogs, therefore, a more strong and prominent odor is certain. As a result, the vertical surface comes in contact directly with the carpets and then the urine drops down to the carpet.

Foggy Bottom Carpet Care Service plays an important role in the carpet stain removal. We can do our best to save your carpet from the damages done by your pets.