Oriental & Fine Rug Cleaning

Oriental and fine rugs are incredibly attractive and can make any room beautiful.  These days, looking for a truly handmade oriental rug can be a great task. But, if you are the owner of this beautiful Oriental rug, it is a great idea to have it cleaned. The tasks of taking good care of it can’t be done by anyone, or probably you try a home remedy to clean a piece of accessory worth so much money. You will like your oriental and fine rugs cleaned professionally and also like your investment protected. Daily inspection is always carried out on it to ensure if it stained or worn-out. You always hope to remain in it’s perfection condition, Foggy Bottom Carpet Care Services is the professional cleaning service you have been looking for.

You may be harming your oriental and fine rug, if you notice a small stain and you try treating it immediately. When you rub the stain, the visible appearance of the stain may disappear for a short while, but there are chances that the stain will somehow work back its way through the fibers of the carpet. Oriental rug fibers are extremely delicate; they have been perfectly woven to produce a beautiful piece. These fibers are so delicate, using any cleaning procedure to bring it back to life is not advisable to be performed by anyone why not give it to the professionals.

Foggy Bottom Carpet Care Services comes in here because we specialize in organic carpet cleaning and it is environment-friendly also. If your oriental rug is constantly treated with harsh chemicals, it will not last long, and you do not want to also expose your family to these harsh chemicals. We will maintain and keep your oriental  and fine rugs in perfect condition, we are not only protecting your family from the harsh chemicals, but also protecting your investment.

Extend the life of your oriental rug and also keep it looking great for years to come by patronizing Foggy Bottom Carpet Care Services. We use organic cleaning method to limit the potential of having respiratory issues, which has been linked to harsh cleaning chemicals used at home. Your Oriental  and fine rugs and family will gratefully thank you for utilizing our organic cleaning approach.