Rug Cleaning Services

One must always maintain fine rugs by vacuuming it, but this process is not sufficient enough to keep the carpet clean. The delicate fibers that make up the rug can be damaged by using chemical cleaners, even the use of steam to clean the rug is not enough to remove particles and stains that are deeply penetrated. Foggy Bottom Carpet Care Services will provide a professional deeply cleaning, since it is the only guaranteed way to cut down of dirt and rough particles that finally worn-out and tear down hand-woven carpets.

At Foggy Bottom Carpet Care Services, we have state of the art facility; we used specifically built equipment that seems like a traditional way of cleaning rug and at the same time using the most recent technology available. We remove the whole amount of dirt and contaminants and take back your expensive rug to the beautiful rug it once was while gently avoiding any damage. Our superior cleaning service is more thorough and also, our drying time is fairly impressive.

Our carpet care service takes away all the inconveniences associated when having your rugs cleaned at home. We have the finest and experienced rug cleaners. Our highly trained team has taken care of various rugs and as well improved them. We will visit your home; give an estimate for cleaning your rug and also the best opinion on the likely result. To be certain that your rug is safely cleaned, it will pass through all the compulsory tests. You can feel safe knowing your rug is in good hands.

At Foggy Bottom Carpet Care Services, our team has a vast amount of practical experience in rug cleaning service. Irrespective of any rug you want to clean, there are several solutions on how to clean them. We can do all for you.